What is Momento NFC Technology?

With the use of our free Momento NFC app you can now read and write directly to any Momento Smart Product. The app allows you to save Video, Audio, Photos, Websites, PDFs, and much more right to the product for future playback. As well as view and save any stored content. This is revolutionizing how people interact with everyday products.

How can Momento be used?

Think of a T-shirt from your favorite rock band that has the Album and all your concert photos and videos saved in one place to enjoy whenever you want. What about a Business card that is loaded with all the information you would ever need, catalogs, pricelist, listings, contracts, and much more. Gone are the days of carrying a big, heavy, expensive catalogs! How can Momento work for you?   

How is Momento NFC technology unique?

The Momento NFC App is the only app that gives you the ability to write and rewrite on an NFC chip with Android or iPhone 7 or newer.  Notably, it is protected by seven (7) U.S. and international patents.

What model phones are compatible with this technology?

Android or iPhone 7 or newer phones are compatible. You can find this out by going into your settings and turning on NFC.  NFC is the same technology used for Apple pay and Google pay. 
Note: For the Momento NFC app to work, you must make sure your NFC Reader is turned 'ON' on your phone which is accessed through your phone's main 'Settings' menu.

Do users need an Internet / Data connection when using the Momento NFC app?

Yes, you do need access to the Internet or a data plan to save and share messages if storing new content. However, you do not need an Internet connection if the message was previous saved in your phone and you wish to access it. If loading new content and Internet is not available, it will record and store your important recording locally on your phone until network is available again, then you can save it back in your product and save it on the cloud.

How do I find my phones NFC Reader?

For iPhones the NFC reader is on the Top middle of the phone, for other phones the readers are on the back of the phone and will need to be located by slowly moving the phone over the Momento Tag. Click here to view our online tutorial.